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How Does Ultrasound Therapy Treat Tension Headaches?

The Cause of Tension Headaches

The exact cause of a headache is not always obvious, and sometimes difficult to determine. Your specific headache symptoms will be your doctor’s best gauge to determine a headache’s cause and the best treatment.

In some instances, headaches may be a sign of a serious condition, and as such, recurring headache pain should not be ignored.

However, if you’ve been diagnosed with Tension Headaches, you’ll know the feeling – tightness around your head, neck and shoulders causing referring pain all over.

Can Ultrasound Help?

This answer from Dr. Payman Sadeghi -Miami Headache Institute – April 10, 2015
“Ultrasounds have proven to deliver effective relief for individuals who are suffering from chronic headaches.  Treatment is akin to having a massage and helps alleviate all kinds of headaches including painful migraines and those caused by tension. Patients report “feeling like the pain and tension has just been sucked right out”. It’s no surprise then, that therapeutic ultrasound is become the treatment of choice for individuals suffering from frequent headaches.” See more here

Can YOU Benefit from Ultrasound?

This answer from Dr. Darren Simpson – July 21, 2015, Headache Center of Chicago
“In short, the answer is highly likely to be YES. Almost any patient who experiences tension headaches, daily headaches, chronic migraines, orofacial pain, or muscle tension problems in the head and neck are also likely to have neuromuscular force problems directly causing this pain. Because so many people have these painful conditions and neuromuscular force imbalances are at the root of the problem, a wide diversity of pain patients could be helped through the application of ultrasound.”   – See more here

How can Sonic Relief™ Help?

Just like professional ultrasound administered at top headache centers, Sonic Relief™provides effective muscle tension relief for your headaches – in your own home!

  • ultrasonic waves are pulsed at the affected area a million times per second
  • the sound waves penetrate the skin and surface layers and cause muscles and tendons to vibrate producing gentle healing vibrations within the affected area to relieve tension and ease pain.
  • ultrasound waves also increases blood flow to reduce local swelling and prevent chronic tension.
  • increase blood flow also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to tense tissues, removes cell waste and aids healing.


  • Place Sonic Relief™ gel on painful/tense area of the neck or shoulder.
  • Turn on Sonic Relief™ device and place head flat over the gel.
  • Move wand in small circular motion for 5 minutes (use a timer).
  • Turn off Sonic Relief™ and wipe transducer head with soft paper towel.
  • Repeat up to 3 times per day up to 2 weeks or until headache is gone.
  • Repeat as required.

Real User: Joanie Gee, Goderich, Ontario

I have suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. A spinal fusion in1998 alleviated some of my problems but not all and the only solution I was being offered by my doctors was anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I first became aware of your product about 18 months ago but was very skeptical. However during a recent flare-up of my problems where I was experiencing really severe neck pain I decided to put my skepticism aside and order Sonic Relief.I truly wish I had not waited so long. Not only did Sonic Relief get my current crisis under control but I feel better than I have in years. The tension in my neck and shoulder is greatly reduced, my tension headaches are disappearing, and the pain from the damaged nerve at C5-C6 is far more manageable.

Thanks for a terrific product and one that I would gladly recommend to anyone.